Posted on: November 5, 2009 3:24 pm

Why baseball is losing fans! Its the Yankees

Baseball is losing fans because of teams like the Yankees, or just because of the yanks in general..I congratulate the Yankees on a good series and World Series win. But you guys have said time in and time out that the payroll argument is getting old yet it is only getting old because you guys know that that is the only reason why you guys have 27 championships. I mean come on now you have 27! Whats the next closest team like 11? If you yankee fans actually think you are that good of a team and think that the 27 is because of the good teams and not spending money then you are freaking crazy! The yankees have been buying players since championship number 1. That is why your franchise has so much history with the babe and reggie jackson and all of the 100's of players because they are the best in baseball and you guys bought them. All you yankee fans have to ask yourself is if the yankees would be in the playoffs this season without spending 425 million in the offseason which no other team can come even close to doing. And the answer is NO! You guys wouldnt even be in 3rd place in your league. Then you guys could ask well would the Phillies be in the playoffs without LEE and the answer is not only in the playoffs but in the World Series as well. In Lee's 2 starts before the World Series Lee pitched a 11-0 game and a 6-1 game, most likely phillies would win both games without Lee. Why do you think football is a close matched game with the highest team with superbowls is 7 and the next team is the 49ers with 6..because the NFL has a cap and teams are more evenly matched. If the NFL didnt have a cap the cowboys would have 16 championships and the next team would only have 3 to 4 superbowl wins. Baseball is becoming a joke and I hate when yankee fans say it has nothing to do with the money because we havent won in 10 years. Cool you havent won in 10 years but you still have 27 championships because of the money..You let the phillies buy 1 more pitcher with the money the yankees can spend and the phillies beat the i hope you guys enjoy your trophy that you bought but lets be realistic guys bought the trophy!
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